Kai-Yun Catherene Lee is a multidisciplinary artist based in Montreal, Canada. Her earliest introduction to performing art was through her training as a classical pianist. In fall 2017, she broadened her horizons, developing her long-time and ever-growing passion for visual art. She enrolled in an intensive program at the international school of photography, Collège Marsan, where she specialized in conceptual photography and has developed a profound interest in contemporary subjects such as identity, environmental and social issues. Upon graduation in 2019, she received the "M5 Award for Best Portfolio". Later that year she was the recipient of the prize of Emerging Photographer of the Year in the 6th edition of the "M5 Competition", presented by Sony Alpha and Collège Marsan. Her earlier education and career in music gave her opportunities and access to collaborate with many performing artists in various fields. Her work is characterized by a melancholic symbolism, sensitively captures and depicts human vulnerability, emotions and yearning.

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